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Centenio  Kingdom  Hotel, Foshan
Centenio Kingdom Hotel, Foshan 60 USD

New World Shunde, Foshan
New World Shunde, Foshan 56 USD

Country Garden Holiday Resorts
Country Garden Holiday Resorts 55 USD

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Welcome to Shunde!
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Shunde regarded as a newly-built modernized city, the respect is very convenient too that the hotel gets accommodation. There are all kinds of dozens of hotels, one may well say the grade availably, worried that visitors produce because of being...

Travel guide of Shunde

Clear sunshine garden It lies in Shunde city Daliang town clear sunshine way, with Buddha ridge garden, of Yu over shady mountain room, Dongguan Ke garden are called Guangdong four major famous gardens, are provincial historic reservation units...

Shunde Overview

District of Shunde locate in Tropic of south, Shunde city arrange of plain of Pearl River Delta middle part, it is Guangzhou in the North to be straight, the Northwest is Buddha mountain city...

Shunde Cuisine

Though not more flourishing and more abundant than the diet of the big city of Shunde, some special snacks of his have history of one hundred years, taste is special, quite worth tasting...

Shunde Hotels List:
  ♦ Centenio Kingdom Hotel, Foshan
  ♦ New World Shunde, Foshan
  ♦ Country Garden Holiday Resorts
  ♦ Days Hotel Huanan
  ♦ Butterfly Valley Resort, Foshan
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