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Welcome to Shunde!
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The Festival celebration of Shunde

>>In lotus festival
The lotus festival of Guangzhou when is held every August, the visitors go to Yu's city once to view and admire the lotus one after another, taste the lotus plant food, and view and admire other activities of travelling of comprehensive entertainment, its happy Tao Tao too. Yu once is a land of rivers and lakes, the network of waterways is criss-cross, the pond, prolific lotus root of river, lotus seeds. The lotus calls the lotus flower, cottonrose hibiscus Qu too, is a kind of economy plant. The lotus is graceful, slim and graceful, emerge unstained from the filth, flower fragrant one hundred li of lotus pools, praise people always. The seed that the lotus forms calls the lotus seeds, is a kind of high-quality food; Its stem is a lotus root, have very high nutritive value and edible value, can do vegetables, lotus root starch, candied fruit food, etc. . It is known far and wide that Yu once cultivates the lotus root produced newly. This place was a stretch of oasises enclosed and cultivated newly originally, the land was fertile, argillaceous and soft, soil layer deep, plant, have lotus root output very much high. And then brought up out high-quality lotus root kind such as "cat's head" and "peach of elderly person for whom a birthday celebration is being held" again, of high quality, high in starch content, it is comfortable and sweet to eat raw, the prepared food powder is fragrant, no matter stew, fry, boil, it is likewise delicious. Yu once holds lotus festival in the locality abounds with the foundation of the lotus flower. Through holding the folk festival celebration activity of this type, open a way with economy, the trade and business sets up the stage, promote the development of travel and economic undertaking.

>>Litchi festiva
Every July, come at a time the cicada chirps in the well done season of litch, cities such as Zengcheng, Conghua, etc. are a scene in joyous festival, here holds annual litchi festival separately. The litchi is during festival, besides tasting, viewing and admiring the unique high-quality fruit of this kind of south of the Five Ridges of litchi, still hold floor show, athletic performance, arts and photography, book fair, goods exhibiting and selling, such activities as trade is negotiated.
Since 1990, Zengcheng has held litchi festival every year, the township of the litchi enjoyed a widespread reputation especially, Mu XiYuan hang green name at home and abroad in an endless stream visitor to reach Zengcheng. Trade company still negotiate the business here, pave the way and put up a bridge, promote the development of local economy together.

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