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Welcome to Shunde!
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Shunde Cuisine

Though not more flourishing and more abundant than the diet of the big city of Shunde, some special snacks of his have history of one hundred years, taste is special, quite worth tasting.

The introduces of some special features snack

>>Imperial examinations ox's milk
Started on the Ming Dynasty, produced the large good imperial examinations village originally. It is a thin slice of white round form, flavor is slightly salty and sweet and delicious, mend the body in healthy tendency, weigh down the fire efficiency, can go with the porridge and go with rice. Except that several dozen shops in the large good town are made and managed now, overseas Chinese such as Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. make trade company, mark with "imperial examinations ox milk" name with wide to solicit also.

>>Heavy good sand bang
Mix and stir lard, south milk, white sugar batching and food that become for flour, similar to getting golden yellow butterfly, Shunde being vulgar to call butterfly "sand bang", thus come the name of. Firstly appear outside Qianlong Year of Qing Dynasty county town east gate "become write" , pave always, a fragile hard thin slice at the beginning; Later on it is improved that "Li Xi writes", the flavor melts sweetly and fragrantly and crisply, salty and sweet and appropriate, the variety has oyster sauce, shrimp's Rong, core of the olive, south milk, etc.. Make south milk sand bang mostly now.

>>Phoenix city fish leather horn
Start to make on heavy and good it is very paved that "Feng write" in Qing Dynasty. Select for use lifelike dace get up meat blow blue and green to braise rotten, rub with the hands, grind thin to act as skin with first-class flour, thin pork loose, fresh shelled shrimp, hotbed chives, fresh bamboo shoot, pale sesame (fry fragrantly), etc. mix and do fillings, make to pretty and cleverly-made dumpling form. Fish leather dumpling can dry-cook, can fry, put, have more delicious tastes that soup boil.

>>Lunjiao cake
Start situated in Lunjiao town stone bridgehead gruel shop on a roof beam surnamed Ming Dynasty. The cake body color and luster is white and sparkling and crystal-clear, small eyes link to each other in any case, even in order, the texture is comfortable and soft and smooth and flexible, it is difficult to rupture, food flavor is sweet and completely cool, the tooth cheek keeps fragrant. In fashion so far home and abroad.

>>Fry and pile in Longjiang
It is a kind of annual night food, starts to make on the Ming Dynasty. Integrate, glue with polished glutinous rice powder rice flour grind, make skin, in order to produce valley flower and fry peanut add, pinch loud globular like the fist, the form becomes the full sesame of rumble, put oil cauldron fry to golden yellow. Food flavor is crisp and sweet and fragrant, prevail in province Hong Kong and Macao for a long time.

>>Fry the milk of Daliang
This dish has a history of more than 70 years, prevail in Hong Kong, Macao and all parts of Nanhua, It is a typical dish example that China "fries the law softly" in cooking skills. The characteristic is bright and pure white, tender and soft and slippery, milk bad smell is strong. It is clear and milk mix, add ham, roast pork silk that fry with egg to be, fry and make the first-class peanut oil, have discs and refuel and fry the bean vermicelli, the color is pure white, can take the chopsticks or spoon and slip and have milk bad smell fragrantly, suitable for all ages. Around 1976, introduced the cuisine of sister who fried milk again --Fry the milk, the crust is crisp and sweet and fragrant, wrapped up in loose and melted and slipped softly inside, the milk is fragrant and pleasant.

>>Fry shrimp's cake of Daliang
This dish is made simple and easily and food flavor is very good, a lot of hotels inside the province all list it in the menu. The characteristic is that the color and luster is golden yellow, food flavor is sweet and fragrant, delicious and delightful. The batching is egg, frying the core of olives, etc..

>>Daliang pheasant
Another name : " Daliang roulade", is one of the cuisine with higher popularity in Guangdong Cuisine. Make with the fat meat slices, the characteristic is to melt sweetly and fragily and crisply, burnt and fragrant and delicious, it is been the fat the oiliness, should wine should tea.

>>The big eel of parietal bone
Has another name called "take off the big eel of bone", by removing but gains the name the backbone of the yellow eel (river eel ) while cooking. The characteristic is that the pure meat has no bone, genuine, slip softly aromatically, delicious and delicious, fancy. The batching is fire Nan, snake butter, ham, shaddock peel, etc..

>>Paint long fish in six flavor
One is imbued with characteristic traditional famous dish in lands of rivers and lakes. The characteristic is fresh and fragrant and smooth, delicious, invigorate yin and enrich the blood. Batching have half fat tight roast pork, blue and green hot red pepper, familiar bamboo shoot, hotbed chives, snake butter, do rice flour, etc..

>>Shunde intestines of grass carp
A lot of people dislike to eat, but people skillful to add cooking of Shunde people, create to fry and bomb, make law while being many kinds of that make it become fat and fat and delicious and for table delicacies of offensive smell. This is a kind of traditional law of eating, the characteristic slips sweetly and fragrantly and softly, delicious.

>>Fry water fish silk
Fresh fragrant sweet flavor, the sweet meat slips.

>>Stewed water fish
Delicious sweet and delicious food, invigorate yin and invigorate the kidney. The batching is yam, Fructus Lycii, snake butter, thin pork, etc..

>>The phoenix city makes a melon
The dark section melons had in Daliang suburbs, the short meat of body is tender, locals utilize this local product, makes the famous dish of a family --Make a melon. The characteristic is slipping sweetly and softly, sweet and fragrant and delicious. The batching has delicious Ling's fish, fat thin pork, wet snake butter, the shrimps, wet squid, etc..

>>Lecong fish beancurd
Traditional famous dish, locals put the wine and give a banquet with the guest of fish beancurd more. One that is with fish beancurd making "snake butter oyster sauce stew fish beancurd", "go to soup hotbed chives fish rotten nest", "romaine lettuce gallbladder stew fish beancurd", "hot pot fish beancurd", peddle the good food of dinner. The characteristic is that the color and luster is golden yellow, sweet and fragrant and delicious.

>>Phoenix nest three silk
Start to make on Qing Dynasty, interweave with three silk form foodstuff form egg silk make like fried chicken (refined to claim "phoenix" ) of bird nest vertically and horizontally, thus come the name. The characteristic is fresh and fragrant and delicious, the shredded meat is comfortable and tender, the colors match well, handsome in appearance. The batching is chicken, steamed pig (tongue), steamed pork tripe, bamboo shoot meat, green hot red pepper, etc..

>>Dace's ball stir-fry heart
it is the famous "land of plenty" to Shunde, the fresh-water fishes are very famous. Dace game is made of Ling's fish. Get up dace meat mince, flog meat ball, make fish to be ball delightful to play the tooth only in this way first, do not make by stiring the meat mechanism as the downtown streets. Fish ball mix some hot small clam mustard batching a little, stress sweet fresh bad smell its even more. Green and lush dish heart afford to fry, its delightful to form the contrast with fish ball tooth mouthfeel of ball.

>>Sparerib steam ChenCun powder
Chen Cun powder is Chen villages and small towns local product, with exquisitely carvedly thin. Delicious and delightful and remarkable. Stir sparerib and powder evenly first before the food, let sparerib bad smell permeate through the powder, taste fresh but original, clear but not light, soft but not raw, the entry to Chen Cun's powder is smooth, the sparerib that is mixed with steaming tenderly has a trial test, flavour is infinite .

>>Pheasant roll
Make material by liver, ham, pork with chicken, through fried, mix Zhejiang vinegar burnt salt with at the food, sweet and fragrant and delicious having oily, first-class cuisine that go with wine.

>>Fry the water snake
The dressed carcass has no bone, mix with dish material such as fresh bamboo shoot, pea, the snake slice is delicious and delightful, snake's egg slips fragrantly, compares with seafood, have a distinctive flavour.

>>Bake standing grain worm
It is occupy important seat of Shunde traditional famous dish, a general one make law to rinse fresh standing grain worm with the fresh water clean, through the clear moisture content, use the tile earthen bowl device, put right amount of oil salt, dried orange peel, etc., stir glue, steam, well done through ink, in addition the tile is built, dry the charcoal fire from head to foot, the mat on the original earthen bowl.

>>Wen big eel
Have dark line of the shape along big eel body made in Shunde, so also called the line eel. The meat of the eel is delicate and delicious, contains the abundant protein, there is laudatory title of carnivorous ginseng. Gentle steaming , baking, frying, making law to be delicious and delicious. Make law to cut eel 4-6 one, boil with garlic hair, pork barbecue, etc. condiments document generally, slip deliciously and strongly and fragrantly. The restaurant makes more law styles, there is the so-called "coiled dragon's eel of Zhi's juice", "dark green bunch burns eels", etc..

>>Pair of leather milk
Daliang "stewed milk of one pair of peels", it is a product in the desserts, slip sweetly and fragrantly and softly, peculiar, many Hong Kong and Macao Compatriot go back to the township to travel, visit one's relatives to all eat the shop to have a trial test. The preparation method for "one pair of covers milk" is: Put milk into tableware stew, can pour into the light bowl (a small amount of milk get away), wait to cool and solidify into the milk skin, then light hands pour the milk, let the milk skin stay at the bottom of the bowl. Another fight, strain go incidental fresh milk with white sugar with Luo stir, set milk fresh milk of albumen quench into, cover with small dish properly, in case steam drip, fall surface influence quality, 15 minutes such as stewing out of water.

>>Junan fish cake
Shunde is famous pool fish producing region, make with pool fish various flavor food have a history of several hundred years, the masterpiece that fish's cake can be regarded as this kind of food is fitted. The making of fish's cake: Select the lifelike dace, scale, chop into the meat mud after viscera and bone become the meat slices, in addition, the completely blue and green meat glue (commonly called as the fish blue and green) in salt, honey and a little glutomate are flogged white, press and then round cake form, spend pure peanut fried. Fish cake color and luster golden yellow, have fragrant slippery comfortable tender fresh characteristic, delicacy gone with rice to go with wine, make people "food (and then) think over".

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