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Welcome to Shunde!
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Shunde History

Built the county in the past of Shunde, it was the South China Sea, the place of two counties of Xinhui. Will it be orthodox 14 years (A.D. 1449 ) such as Great Britain Ming Dynasty, the South China Sea county wash crane fort of village take place that hired farmhand Huangxiaoyang rebellion that lead while being desolate, suppressed soon. For strengthen, rule, reign of Ming Dynasty in Jingtai three year (A.D. 1452 ), make the Dongyong of South sea, Maying, Dingan, Xilin Sidu and Xinhui Baiyibao seperated, set up Shunde County, manage for the county with Tailiang fort among them, change the name to Daliang. Build after the county of Shunde, belonged to the office of Guangzhou in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the 1911 Revolution was under the jurisdiction of the seaway of Guangdong, line abolish 1920, tor of supervisor, successively the Kuomintang regime Guangdong provincial government and center district pacify committee member government office, first administrative government office, political instructor of supervisor, successively. On October 28, 1949, Shunde liberated. On March 20, 1950, were established formally along the people's government of Shunde County, was under the jurisdiction of the administrative office of the Pearl River. In 1955, were established Shunde People's Committee, was under the jurisdiction of the administrative office of Guangdong. 1958, amalgamate along Germany and of Yu two county, change the name of county of obeying, under the jurisdiction of Buddha mountain prefecture. Will it be June 1959, resume Shunde, of Yu two county organizational system, still under the jurisdiction of Buddha mountain prefecture. On March 26, 1992, dismiss from the county and establish the city of Shunde, opened a new chapter history of Shunde.

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