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Welcome to Shunde!
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Shunde Overview

District of Shunde locate in Tropic of south, Shunde city arrange of plain of Pearl River Delta middle part, it is Guangzhou in the North to be straight, the Northwest is Buddha mountain city, connects with Yu's city once in the east, the north connect the South China Sea city, adjoin in the west and know city, south circle Zhong Shan city. It is the Buddha mountain that has jurisdiction over a district under. 32 kilometers from Guangzhou, 127 kilometers of Hong Kong (69 sea miles), 80 kilometers of Macao. Locate 113 of east longitude, north latitude is between 22.40 and 23.20, belong to the maritime monsoon climate of subtropical zone, sunshine time is long, the rainfall is plentiful, warm and moist throughout the year, it's like spring all the year round, the scenery is pleasant. The average temperature of the whole year is 21.9 ?; It is the coldest in January, the monthly temperature on average is 13.1 ?; It is the hottest in July, the monthly temperature on average is 28.7 ?. With heavy rainfall, the annual average rainfall reaches 1649 millimetres, annual average humidity is 81. 2 to March more than low-temperature overcast and rainy days, July to September typhoon activity season, typhoon take place strong typhoon sometimes. There are 10 towns (street) now in the whole district, 109 administrative villages, 88 residential blocks, permanent resident population is 1,109,600, floating population is 600,000 people, sojourn in more than 400,000 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan villagers and foreign overseas Chinese. Domestic majority is the plain of the rivers alluviation, the river is welled up and interlocked, the land is fertile, it is temperate in climate, the rainfall is plentiful, green year round. Besides a few hillocks within the territory of the morality of Shunde, the majority is the alluviation soil, contain rich amount of various organic matters, suitable crops grow. The river is vertical-horizontal within the territory of Shunde, the network of rivers interweaves. Main river have 16, section, 756 -km-long. The main river flows into the southeast from the Northwest in accordance with the terrain, the width of river surface is generally 200 to 300 meters, 5 to 10 meters of depth of water. There are master stream of west river, water course, the burnt river of eyebrow, south Shahe, etc. of flat continent in the main water course .

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