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Welcome to Shunde!
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Shunde Shopping

The special product in Shunde

>>The rutabaga
The characteristic is that a dish head is big, yellowish pink is golden yellow after pickled, fragrant and delightful, it is the commonly used assisting the meals product . The internal and external all parts of transportation and sales province of the products, the annual export volume is quite large.

>>Chinese dry cabbage
Litch village Lunjiao, Xiyong area shine product to be most, products inside the province marketing break of day, a considerable amount of are exported too.

>>Ox's milk
i.e. the milk is cool, sweet and fragrant and delicious, rich in nutrition.

>>The line is repaired
Have another name called the wind eel, the form is like the eel, meat fat to imprison tender to slip, fatty and protein, three big strange sea, piles of rock sea let strange sea main producing area. Longjiang inland and Daliang green ancient bronze mirror what sea produce, name the blue eel.

It is the main producing area in Shagao and Guizhou, Le Liu, Long Jiang, apricot jar, Junan.

Main producing region in Guizhou, Junan, variety with the most famous, accounts for 80 of total output, the characteristic is early-maturing, listed promptly in the first ten days of every May, the pulp is loose and energetic, known as meat small bag.

>>Ma Zhe stone
It is a kind of ore, line quality is like the horse hair, called the horse hair ochre, after being forged by the fire, the texture is light and crisp, it is angry enrich the blood, for traditional Chinese medicine not to use, lock, vomit line, stop, break out, take, on sale throughout our country, export.

>>South tofu pudding
The color plain boiled pork is thick, the smell is fragrant and fragrant, it is cool traditional Chinese medicine which solves heat.

>>Dry Earthworm
Like the sharp sword form after cut open and only dry, flavor is salty, the sex is cold, can cure diseases such as warm ill, big belly, jaundice, kidney wind, tinea pedis, etc. .

>>Winter mulberry leaf
Nature bitter is cold and sweet, can except that hot to sweat. Every silkworm produces, is on sale throughout our country, export partly too in the district.

>>Sang Bai's cover
Characteristics are big pieces of meat, the strip is even, powder mouth color white, smell fragrant, can purge the lung of pathogenic fire, relieve cough and breathe heavily definitely, the profit urinates, put and subdue the phlegm angrily, get rid of heat and quench the thirst. Every silkworm produces in the district, marketing is domestic and international .

>>Bamboo bee
Catch the dark bee in the melon canopy in early summer, is selected the bamboo bee of the color with big boldface at the time of pharmacy, can press down convulsion, stop coughing.

>>The leaf of the loquat
The leaf color is green, it is dried after the hair that rub one's back with a towel, cut about 2 centimetres wide silk form, can clean the breath hotly, the favourable phlegm relieves cough.

The color and luster is fresh and yellow, the smell is fragrant, great one of fresh idea, dry, use as medicine, can go to cure dysentery wetly .

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