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The exhibition information in Shunde

2005 Guangdong welds and cuts the apparatus (the Buddha mountain) exhibition

Exhibition time: Exhibition place in the 9th - the 11th of December, 2005
Exhibition Place: Buddha mountain city Shunde exhibition Chen village exhibit center
Sponsor: Guangdong Province welding academic society, Guangdong Province spatial structure academic society, Guangzhou welding academic society, Foshan mechanical engineering academic society
Support the unit: The silver of the South China Sea of Buddha mountain city is like solder technology Co., Ltd.
Organizor: Buddha mountain city mechanical engineering society weld professional committee, Buddha mountain city become exhibition exhibition serve Co., Ltd.
Arrange exhibits time: The 7th - the 8th of December , 2005
Exhibition time: Will it be 9 - 10 in December of 2005, a.m. 9:30 10 to 5:00 pm
Dismiss time: The contact address of 3:30 - 10:00 p.m. in December 11, 2005
Adress: Guangdong Province Buddhism mountain city's Fuhua road No 13
Telephone numbers: 0757-83284305?83284325?83284335
Contacts : Mr. Lin
Posts: 528000
Faxes: 0757-83284326

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