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Welcome to Shunde!
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Travel guide of Shunde

>>Clear sunshine garden
It lies in Shunde city Daliang town clear sunshine way, with Buddha ridge garden, of Yu over shady mountain room, Dongguan Ke garden are called Guangdong four major famous gardens, are provincial historic reservation units. Garden this champion is build by Huangshijun of Ming Dynasty originally. In Qianlong Year of Qing Dynasty, buy at once for doctorate's dragon. Thereafter, built meticulously by several generations of dragon, wooden Tsing-Hua of water in the garden, the view is quiet and tastefully laid out, green water, green tree, stone and mountain, small bridge and pavilions, terraces and open halls are merged mutually, the model constructs and shows ingenuity, the flowers fruit wood spring onions cage meets the eye on every side, the pitch of artistic masterpieces is collected promptly, collect building, garden, carve, poem draw, dust person who carve art in an organic whole, highlight the characteristics of "grand, strange, dangerous, deep and remote, show" of ancient garden of our country. There are ship drawing rooms in its main beauty spot, thatched cottage of green small stream, settle Yi pavilion, six pavilion, cherish overcast study, bamboo garden, fight hole, pen grow, spend hall, belong to send hut, little to fluffy Ying, red Qu study, phoenix peak of coming, read cloud to be high.

>>The forest temple of the treasure
Shunde treasure forest temple, located in the large good peaceful foot of a mountain of Shunde. Will it be October 11 1998, treasure forest temple rebuild and complete and was in bloom merly, 100,000 people were all prostrate oneself before sb. and press one's head against his feet in and the south, to the satisfaction of all. Establish in five south mere one year (A.D. 942 ) such as it such as emperor such as Shang such as Chinese such as generation, go through over thousands of years of today. Vicissitudes trials and hardship, treasure forest from temple to Ming the beginning of Jingtai, satisfy place temple for the first time. Turn on beginning (bright Jingtai three year, 1452 year ) of county of Shunde, national grand ceremony turn on and read the edict of imperial court whenever, gentry of place elder Shenqi assemble temple front yard lift gift, treasure forest temple is regard Buddhism place as still then, burning incense's prosperity, pilgrims are numerous.
Because of the historical reason, the forest temple palace of the original treasure was moved and used as it later, because again because the old city reconstructs, the former state of the temple has been already difficult to recover. Since reform and opening-up, religious policy of party implement further, original treasure disciple Lin letter all and numerous compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and overseas Chinese go back to the township to visit one's relatives, demand to rebuild the forest temple of the treasure one after another, and then made up of relevant person of the city and prepare to establish the committee and raise the money to rebuild with the approval of religious department in the province. This measure firm lies get the superb support of internal and external social elite, kind people of all directions, munificent, happy to construct good wealth, sincere and earnest to donate, philanthropic act of cooperating, make treasure forest reconstruction of temple go on smoothly.
Rebuild and select site it at the peaceful foot of a mountain in the south of the city, neck pommel Germany win river, right look old stockaded village, high official position twin towers, exhibition open up 120,000 of mountain region, among them 83,000 square meters are built into park and lay Buddhist's forest in front of the temple, and the overall arrangement near the mountain of subject palace, own a construction area of 12,000 square meters in common. The mountain door is magnificent, the hall of the temple is solemn, pass comfortable Kai of pavilion. Three mound Buddha comes to Taishan on day, 500 arhats that the gold is stuck are carved by the skillful craftsman in Dongyang of Zhejiang, have very high artistic value, the tablet corridor represents the masterpiece of more than 30 calligraphy classics of province and city from the whole country, having added the culture atmosphere of the temple, the introduction of the strange wood of ancient tree reveals the characteristic of the garden again. A Buddhist temple more magnificent than former address becomes the Buddhism Holy Land of morality of obeying. Treasure forest temple turn on 1998 light, get support from various circles of society and sing the praises of. Awarded Buddhism a civilized temple by Guangdong Province Buddhism association in 2000.

>>The ecological paradise of Shunde
Lies in Junan town of Shunde city, It is the travel city of provincial class. Design its concept taken from until Shunde have a long history, well known mulberry base fishpond ecology circulate mode and the rural scenery of land of rivers and lakes of south of the Five Ridges of the town is fitted, it is an intellectual, recreational, property of participation, combining with leisurely to regard returning to nature, cherishing the nature as the theme, reside, teach, on visit, reside glad green ecological paradise that visit, learn to be named as Guangdong Province eco-tour base by the province ecology.

>>Chen village flowers world
Incorporate the flowers are produced, collecting and distributing trade, technology popularization, information interchange, culture of the flowers, travel amusement into an organic whole, plan to take up an area of 666.667 hectares. The flowers selling area where the first issue completes, has already attracted the flower traders from all parts of the country, Holland, U.S.A. and other places to manage, it is the largest flowers commodities centre of the whole country, also good place that visitors appreciated the exotic flowers and rare herbs.

>>Western Hills temple
The foot of a mountain of phoenix mountain large in the center of good town, there is an ancient building with characteristic, this is the Western Hills temple known far and wide. Western Hills temple is classified as arranging the historic reservation of Shunde now. This temple started in the 20th year of Jiajing in Ming Dynasty (1154), had already had a history of more than 450 years so far. Over several hundred years, repeatedly repaired, generation upon generation of skillful craftsman, wave building, wood carving, behavior skill of clay sculpture fully, make the ancient temple can keep the abundant art rarity today. Sit to the Northeast in the whole buildings, construct near the mountain. Area is about 6000 square meters. Successively mountain door, stone steps, front hall, main hall, side hall in a palace or temple, fragrant pavilion, corridor Wu, etc.. The far view is well arranged, refined and solemn. Mountain door outside elevation is the memorial archways of bricks and stones of three on the third floor. Spine coherent decorations day spirit, monthly god very, shut two celestial being, Ao fish, pairs of dragon play pearl, etc. subject matter stone gulf porcelain spine of material. A volume of the others, Chi first class place tile carving are very exquisite. After entering the mountain door, it is to look up at to stand for a long while, the palace is brilliant, color tile fly to eaves to be latent of green leaves. Stone steps left side have "jade spring" little view, murmuring flowing water, the winding path leads to a secluded quiet place the huge banyan in the platform in front of the hall, leaf luxuriant in great numbers skill, all over the ground dense shade. Offer the seated statue of Guan Yu in the hall, 2 meters high, casted in bronze, 1,500 kilograms in weight, for the early historical relic of Qing Dynasty. Right side have, hold the storehouse stands and looks like a week; Left side have, hold, print, imprison, stand looking like while being flat. The shrine for idols or ancestral tablets is splendid, the side hall in a palace or temple on both sides outside the palace, including hall of Goddess of Mercy and arhat's hall. The right side of the temple, is three yuan palace originally, for the "arranging the agricultural soldier's cadre school of Shunde County" old site of great revolution period. County museum showroom now. Right hillside have tablet corridor, display, Shunde County ancient stone inscription 18 inside, have, reflect along Shunde people objecting to "prevents the safe record of events inscribed on a tablet of Great Britain from" that opium poisons, have, reflect along Shunde people rowing dragon boating "pigeonholes and does the dragons" tabletting of history. This temple incorporates garden, natural science, ancient building into an organic whole, since it is open to repair in 1987ing, Chinese and foreign visitors are in an endless stream, is a tourist hot spot inside the province.

>>Obey the peak mountain
It lies in the north of Shunde city Daliang to the south of Rongqi road. It is the first peak within the territory of Shunde. Old fountain at the mountain, clear to can drink while being cold, and can treat sore scabies. The surplus Yi grotesque peak of the forest towers on the mountain, the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains, the scenery is charming. It has flat to already open up in order to obey the mountain tour center of the peak in recent years. Tour center have hectare of lake surfaces, all over plant green pine bamboo, have litch skill, longan good fruit of south of the Five Ridges, the white orchid in full bloom overflows more fragrantly in spring, autumn. District have many of advanced hotel, among them according to five celestial spring hotel that star can design, the floor area is up to 3800 square meters. The elevation modelled after an antique and design, white marble railing and golden yellow glazed tiles blaze bright. The ones that covered an area of 1.5 square meters obeyed the garden of Shandong of the peak, there are various recreation facilities such as bumper cars, ferris wheel inside. There are motorboats that are for visitors to drive and play on the green beautiful lake. There are five -storey tailwind markets in the tourist zone, sell all kinds of industrial products, tourist souvenir. Tourist zone lean wide pearl highway against closely, adjoin, let strange harbour, exchanged province, Hong Kong, Macao land and water transportation convenient, have, hover ship come and go Hong Kong and hold, have various types of big limousine provide service for visitor every day.

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