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Welcome to Shunde!
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Shunde Transportation

Shunde is a jurisdiction district under Buddha mountain, so the best to advanced to Buddha mountain of outside traffic then enter to Shunde.
Foundation well equipped in traffic of Foshan, form one highway, railway, river transport complete, radiation strength better modernized traffic network already.

External traffic

Foshan railway station lies in the north road of Wenchang city. Guang - Zhan railway bind by national railway network through Foshan, Foshan railway station many times of train sail for national all large and medium cities.

Water Carriage
The Buddha mountain city borders on the river, there are two major passenger traffic ports in the city: Shunde harbour, the South China Sea flat continent harbour. Harbour lie in Buddhism mountain city Shunde district, there is a passenger steamer to Hong Kong every day, every day 12 flight (which run from opposite directions six ), set sail will it be 8 :30 morning such as time, flight at the latest reach 8 point 20 evening. The South China Sea flat for continent harbour to lie in Buddha mountain city the South China Sea flat state, port manage to leave for Hong Kong and passenger steamer of Guangzhou. There are the passenger steamer which leaves for Hong Kongs every day; The passenger steamer which leaves for Guangzhou, sail on Saturday, Japan, the voyage is 30 minutes.

Buddha mountain city have four major long-distance terminal mainly, respectively for Buddha mountain bus station, grandfather temple bus station, eastern square bus station and north bus station of the city. Foshan bus station lies on Foshan Chancheng district Fenjiang middle road No. 5, is mainly the long-distance bus mailing to Guangxi, Hainan and every city inside the province. Grandfather temple bus station lie in Buddha mountain city deep meditation urban city gate parting 2 No., mail Guangzhou province station, Guangzhou Zhongshan long-distance bus of No. eight Bus Stationp to mainly. Eastern square bus station lie in deep meditation urban silk East China Luis 87 No., is mainly the long-distance bus to suburbs county and town and Guangzhou. City north bus station lie deep meditation urban area stand mountain railway station of the west, mail to Guangzhou beautiful the south station, Guangzhou long-distance bus of railway station to mainly.

Internal transportation

The buses of the Shunde district mostly implement nobody's selling the system of ticket, the passenger inserts coins and go by bus. The admission fee is by 1-2 yuan.

Shunde taxi is 7.00 of trigger price, continue price of 1 yuan / 385 meters Cheng; Night starting fare is 7.00, night is 22:00 to 7:00 next day period.

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